Vellum Map (Fiverr Commission Work)

Vellum Map (Fiverr Commission Work)

Over the last half a year, our lives became very confusing, I moved back home from university, cutting year short and not being sure whether we would be allowed  back in September, but at the same time, I found myself with many wonderful opportunities arising and plenty of time to explore them.

This commission was such an exciting one for me. I was approached by a man who took the by product of the meat industry, goat/sheep skin, and used traditional techniques to create real parchment or vellum. He was looking for an artists to draw a map on the surface of this material and came to me.

After some experimentation with inks, fixatives and flattening techniques, I spent about three weeks, nestled in the only space I could leave this project in my parent’s house (the loft) and this is the final piece.

I absolutely love doing this, it felt so real and I had so much fun!


(The map itself is from Skyrim, the icons on the map were designed by me based on buildings from each location)