Fiverr Maps

Fiverr Maps

Over the summer I started making fantasy style maps and selling them, custom made, online on the website Fiverr.

Fiverr is a easy to use service which connects clients and freelancers, allowing people to buy services from freelancers. I have found it very helpful and simple as a platform to get my work off the ground.

Here is a link to my Fiverr profile if you are interested: and below is a selection of the work I have done so far.


This is one of my first pieces (above), all my work is in black pen on a thick white paper. This photograph shows the piece just before it is sent to the buyer.

Final Map Scanned

This was a commission for a more detailed pice, the buyer wanted a steampunk feel with larger city icons (above).

Finished Map Scan

This was a different sort of custom commission, the buyer asked for a map based on a real American town, this was the result (above).

Scanbot 16 Jul 2019 10.03

Another type of piece I offer is multiple maps which align to make one larger map, allowing for more detail (as above).


I really loved the star-like design of this map, based off the buyer’s rough sketch (above).