Cancelled Chatsworth Project

Cancelled Chatsworth Project

Chatsworth House

Last year, I was working on a project that my university course had arranged with Chatsworth House and Gardens to bring some of the student’s artwork to the House and have it presented in an exhibit in the Cafe.

Sadly, with the health worries, the exhibition was cancelled and my final pieces never saw the light of day. So I have finally got round to posting them here.

My project was based on the way Chatsworth is planned down to the wild “natural” areas of the gardens. The trees are planted in rigid rows, the walkways designed with plotted randomness, the hedgerows and grass cut neatly to fit a tight plan.

After a few visits, I noticed that, no matter how they imposed control over the land, the whole mood at Chatsworth was changed by the one thing they could never hope to control: the sky.

I wanted to create a piece that mirrored this lack of control by taking the control out of the artist’s hands. While you can pour ink in water, set up lighting, clean a tank and measure the viscosity of the substances, there is no way of knowing how the cloud will form, each unique, mesmerising and beautiful.

One of the many photographs produced.

My work was heavily inspired by the work of Alberto Seveso who’s photographs are incredible.

This particular piece was very interesting when inverted
or when the colours were changed

I printed the final images onto canvas and stretched it over wooden frames. These are the finished results in my studio space.

Hope you enjoy!