The Pheonix

The Pheonix


For my final BTEC art and design project (themed Birth and Rebirth) I painted the personification of a Phoenix to represent spiritual and mental rebirth. I used acrylic paint, adding sand to the blue black backdrop to give it texture, using a pallet knife to create the wings and brushes to paint the figure from various reference images I took.

“Society’s expectations weigh down on us at every moment, crushing us under the strain of peer pressure and social demands. The only thing we, as members of society, can do is to rise above the sway and cry, “no, this is me”. This defiant rebirth of self-confidence is what I wanted to encapsulate in this painting.

Through my love of mythology and my theme of Birth and Rebirth, I have investigated the legends and stories of birth and reincarnation, looking at the symbolism of bird’s eggs and animal spirits before taking on the famous stories of the phoenix to show the spiritual coming into oneself. I have personified a phoenix, creating a woman being reborn from her own ashes.

The crouched figure represents the phoenix’s low point, when the world is crashing around her and she is crushed under the weight of all she is expected to be. This is her ashes, the egg from which she can be reborn into something better, into her true self. The stood figure represents the phoenix’s rebirth, the rising of her true self from the ashes of her despair. This figure stands, proud of who she is and calm in the knowledge she is who she is and that this cannot be changed. This is the stance we should take against the hatred and control of society.”

– My Artist’s statement on the piece, from my college’s end of year show.

I know this is really late and completely out of date, by now I’m pretty sure anyone could guess I’m not one for consistency on here (I’m trying okay?). I wanted to share this with you guys anyway because I am super happy with it; enjoy!